Catherine Toole

“I am so thankful for my precious friend Hanna Lei Atterson. She is truly a family member. I am a 58-year-old disabled grandmother raising two grandchildren that are developmentally delayed. They are ages one and three. She truly lights up our day every time she comes in our door. I would be completely lost without her. She has guided me through all the twist and turns to getting the children all the services they need. She has helped me understand why the children do the things they do sometimes and has helped me come up with solutions so that I am able to help them through all of their challenges.”


So thankful for this lady and her amazing team at Carolina Behavior and Beyond! She came into our lives when Aiden was only 6 months old and we were in totally uncharted waters. As our early interventionist she helped Aiden get the necessary therapies to help overcome the set backs of being premature. She was more than just our EI, she became family. She helped ease my momma worries and assured me everything we were doing was in Aidens best interest! Thank you Adrianna Kleckley McCullar, we will never be able to repay you for what you did for Aiden. We love you! #ccb #earlyinterventionworks

Mary B

We were referred to Carolina Behavior And Beyond 10 months ago when I noticed my son Shawn had a speech delay. Our Early Interventionist, Hannah Joyner, has had such a huge impact on our life. She has helped Shawn to identify animals and objects, improve his speech, has taught him sign language, and so much more. We can’t thank Hannah enough for everything she has done and continues to do for our family

Diane D

We began EI services with Carolina Behavior and Beyond 8 months ago. We were completely lost on how to help our son or where to start. Our EI, Hannah Joyner, was a true saving grace. She helped navigate us every step of the way so far. She truly has a love for our child and helps us find the best possible resources to continue his care. Without EI services and Hannah, we would be so much further behind and lost. Hannah has become part of the family and truly an amazing support system.


Adrianna started helping my son at the age of 34 months. Just shy of the three year age mark. He was introduced to Babynet through his doctor. I decided on Carolina Behavior & Beyond because they had an emphasis on autism. My son showed significant delays in speech and social skills. Adrianna has helped my son by leaps and bounds! He can now say more words, help himself get dressed, is potty trained, and recognizes far more objects and animals. Adrianna displayed a profound patience in helping my son. She has even helped in his behavior and introduced myself to counting and age appropriate time out. My son has grown indefinitely through receiving help. Adrianna has also gone above and beyond to help my son get into programs. She has successfully helped him get into a developmental delay 3 year old class at a public school and he has received speech therapy and occupational therapy. Adrianna has helped my son in too many ways to count. If you are looking for an EI for your child, then he/she will be blessed if you choose Adrianna.”


When my daughter, Campbell, was diagnosed with autism on February 4, 2011, I prayed “Lord, please show the way.” That is when Adrianna Kleckley entered our lives. My whole world felt like it was crashing down and Adrianna was there to help me hold it together. A diagnosis like autism is devastating, frightening and overwhelming. There is a world of information to sift through. It’s hard enough to learn what autism is. Trying to understand the different treatments, services, and monies your child may or may not qualify for is enough to send a parent into a nervous breakdown. That’s what makes early intervention so important. Not all EI’s are created equal. With Adrianna as our Early Interventionist, we didn’t have to learn this the hard way. It is imperative to have an EI that knows what services are available for your child. There’s no room for error here. Adrianna’s extensive knowledge of state and federal monies and services is unmatched. Her capability in coordinating services like therapists, educational placement, and diagnostic testing has been an incredible comfort. We are forever grateful for the encouragement, knowledge, professionalism and compassion Adrianna has shown us since our journey began.We may not know what lies ahead, but we know we are doing everything we can for Campbell, because Adrianna is her Early Interventionist.


We have had the pleasure of having Carolina Behavior & Beyond as part of our family for almost three years. Our oldest son, “Action Jackson,” was lucky enough to work with both Adrianna Kleckley and Kim Bracy. Although he struggled with a range of Autism-related issues, in just a few weeks he begins “typical,” full-day kindergarten — a feat that would have seemed impossible without their help. Our youngest son, “Dyl Pickle,” was born six weeks premature with Down syndrome. Now almost two, he is knocking down the milestones like a champ. Both Adrianna and Kim are wonderful additions to Team Morton. We couldn’t do it without them!

Alecia A.

Our family first met Katie when my daughter was four months old. She was born premature and with Down syndrome. Before we ever left the hospital, we were told to enroll her in an Early Intervention program as soon as possible. After meeting Katie for the first time and watching the care she took with my tiny daughter, I knew we had made the right choice. She added my son as a client a short time later and was integral in having him tested for Autism. In the space of a few months, we had answers to questions we had been asking for years. It has been three years and I can’t imagine having traveled this road without Katie. She has been an amazing resource in navigating the special needs world, a kind-hearted advocate, and a wonderful friend for our family. She has helped us get the therapy resources we needed and guided us through the scary transition from Baby-Net to the public school system. I have yet to meet someone who cares as much about her clients as Katie does – and who tries as hard to make sure they have the resources and support they need. She has been by my side during numerous meetings and doctors appointments and I know I can always count on her to be there when we need her.


Having a special needs child can be a daunting and overwhelming experience, especially if you don’t have support system.  Luckily for my family, we were blessed to have been referred to Carolina Behavior & Beyond and we were assigned EI Kim Bracy to help us manage coordinating care for James and provide necessary therapy to help him thrive.  In reality, she does that and SO much more.  She truly has been a blessing to our family in taking such a huge role in his care plan.  She consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty to do anything and everything she can to help James and our family in overcoming the obstacles that his needs present.  Thank you so much Kim for all the years of hard work and services you have provided to us!!”